Precarious Work: Causes, Characteristics, Consequences

v. 31 of Research in the Sociology of Work
Forthcoming, December 2017

Edited by Arne L. Kalleberg and Steven Vallas


Precarious Work: Theory, Research, and Politics
Arne L. Kalleberg and Steven P. Vallas

Part I. Theory and Method

Precarious work, regime of competition and the case of Europe
Valeria Pulignano

Classification Struggles in Semi-Formal and Precarious Work: Lessons from Inmate Labor and Cultural Production
Michael Gibson-Light 

Non-Standard Employment and Subjective Insecurity: How Can We Capture Job Precarity Using Survey Data?
Anna Kiersztyn

Part II. Precarity in the United States

 Bad Jobs in a Troubled Economy: The Impact of the Great Recession in America’s Major Metropolitan Areas
Michael Wallace and Joonghyun Kwak

Hackathons as Co-optation Ritual: Socializing Workers and Institutionalizing Innovation in the New Economy
Sharon Zukin and Max Papadantonakis

A Racial-Gender Lens on Precarious Employment
Enobong Hannah Branch and Caroline Hanley

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