Attending Virtual RISE

On Thursday, April 9 between 10:00am – 5:00pm RISE Presenters will share their research virtually with RISE Judges, friends, family, professors, colleagues, University leadership, and all others who join via scheduled Microsoft Teams meetings.

At a minimum, each meeting consists of 1 RISE Presenter and 2 RISE Judges. Additional members may include 1 Focus Award Judge, RISE support staff, and any number of attendees.

Meetings between Presenters and Judges are 15 minutes in length, and will include introductions, the pitch, and Q&A.

After Judges exit the meeting, Presenters and general attendees are free to continue the conversation as long as desired. The Microsoft Teams meeting will remain open.

General attendees, please save questions and comments for this time, thank you.



Focus Award Judges


  • Download Microsoft Teams
  • Visit RISE website and view RISE Presentation schedule (schedule pending)
  • Join Microsoft Teams meetings on April 9
    • View Live Opening of RISE | 9:50am | Join Opening
    • Use provided link to participate in RISE Presentations of interest
      • Listen to RISE Presenters pitch their work and answer questions from Judges
      • Ask questions once Presenters and Judges conclude
    • View Closing Remarks | 5:00pm | Join Closing
  • Visit RISE website for winner announcements on April 10
  • Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding if hiccups arise. We appreciate all who participate in Virtual RISE and practice resilience together!