The Who, What, Why of RISE

The Who, What, Why of RISE

Lizzy StewartMaybe you are new to Northeastern and don’t know what RISE is. Maybe you’ve been here awhile and have heard of “RISE,” but only in the way you’ve heard of mythical creatures like Bigfoot or Unicorns. Maybe you know what RISE is and have wanted to participate, but just don’t know how or where to begin.

Wonder no more!

RISE Info Sessions

During RISE Info Sessions, you will learn:

What RISE is.

A showcase for ideas, findings, impact. A showcase for you!

Who participates in RISE.

Undergraduates, Masters students, PhD students, Faculty, and Staff.

Why participation matters.

Sharing research. Professional development. Networking. Recognition. Opportunity.

R19 Info Sessions CopyThe first RISE Info Session is October 3rd, from 12-1pm at 250 Dockser Hall.

There will be light bites and refreshments.

Most importantly, there will be detailed information about:

How to participate.

What resources are available.

What to expect.  

Reserve your spot now.

Get a head start: visit the RISE website.


Written by Brice Tennant.
Cover photo by Lizzy Stewart. All rights reserved.

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