Video Preparation Guidelines


As a student presenter, you will upload six, 30-45 second clips that succinctly express the value of your research and capture your audience.

Faculty presentations do not require a video submission.

Video Content

The six video clips are divided into the following segments:

  1. Problem
    • Introduce yourself and your research topic. Hook your audience by sharing the magnitude of the problem, why you are interested in it, and why they should be! Avoid jargon as much as possible.
  2. Solution
    • Concisely describe your solution and show how it can be implemented.
  3. Impact
    • Explain the outcome of your solution. How will it impact society and generate further outcomes? Basically, “What difference does it make?”
  4. Competition/Comparative Research
    • Provide an overview of solutions currently available. Include valid reasons why your solution is superior.
  5. Progress to Date
    • Where are you at in your research, and what major obstacles have you overcome? Use this clip to highlight successes and accomplishments!
  6. Next Steps
    • Outline the near term, next steps for your project. Whether it’s further research, writing a business plan, or seeking external funding, share it and be specific. Give your audience a chance to make connections and potentially contribute to your project.

The length of each clip does not have to be equal. Don’t feel like you have to “fill up” time; concision and relevance are more important!

How your Video will be Judged

Your video suite will receive an overall score from 1-30 based on the following criteria:

  1. Clarity of Value Proposition (10 points) – What is the benefit of this research? Who benefits?
  2. Speaker Presentation (10 points) – Was the material presented clearly? Could a novice understand?
  3. Impact (10 points) – Was the presentation compelling?

Tips for Preparing your Video

  • Design your pitch keeping a broad audience in mind.
  • Avoid jargon at every point. If you can’t avoid it entirely, be sure to explain it.
  • Excite your audience with action verbs. Describe your work in terms of movement and activity.
  • Display professionalism: wear business attire and film in a professional setting.
  • Convey confidence: speak clearly, make eye contact, smile, and maintain enthusiasm.
  • Thank them for listening.