RISE Focus Awards

Best Video Pitch Award – $1000

Sponsored by RISE

In the age of digital soundbite, mastery of “the pitch” is critical, and the RISE Video Suite empowers RISE Presenters to leverage digital platforms for sharing their research with a global audience.

The winning RISE Video Suite communicates the value of the RISE presentation in a compelling way, clearly exhibiting the value and impact of the research.


RISE Presenters submitting a RISE Video Suite are automatically eligible for this award.

COE Solution Awards – $2000 in Total

Sponsored by College of Engineering

Engineering at Northeastern is about creating solutions for a high-velocity world.

Solution Awards recognize COE students who demonstrate the mission of the College of Engineering, which is to create and translate knowledge through transformative research and remarkable innovation.

These awards are given to two COE graduate students and one COE undergraduate whose RISE submissions keenly reflect solutions that address global needs by identifying/developing novel approaches to problems within scientific, social, and/or entrepreneurial spheres.

1st place and 2nd place graduate student awardees will receive $1000 and $500, respectively.

1st place undergraduate awardee will receive $500.


Submit the Focus Award Registration form. Select “COE Solution Awards” and briefly describe how your RISE presentation identifies a novel solution to a problem within scientific, social, and/or entrepreneurial spheres.

You must be a College of Engineering student to be eligible for these awards.

DATA Award – $1,500

Sponsored by DATA Initiative

In an increasingly data-rich world inhabited by humans and machines, seamless data-driven transition between the physical and digital has become ubiquitous. The Digital, Analytics, Technology and Automation (DATA) Initiative is a cross-disciplinary, innovative hub of thought leadership committed to researching, developing and sharing new knowledge and approaches for transforming organizations into digital and data-driven businesses.

The DATA Award recognizes the RISE presentation demonstrating the most creative and promising approach to creating value with data-driven and technology-enabled analytics and automation.


Submit the Focus Award Registration form. Select “DATA Award” and briefly describe how your RISE presentation demonstrates a promising approach to creating value with data-driven and technology-enabled analytics and automation.

Grand Impact Award – $1,500

Sponsored by RISE

Social justice looks to address issues of inequity that are present in the world, from social, civic, environmental, and beyond. Research takes two paths when addressing inequities: direct and indirect. Direct paths address the inequity as the problem and provide research into different solution-oriented approaches and the resulting impact. And, indirect paths, on the other hand take research completed in a specific subject matter and apply an interdisciplinary approach to address existing inequalities. Through the application of direct and indirect approaches, research into inequalities helps address challenges faced on a variety of social levels – from city streets to global policy.

The Grand Impact Award recognizes research that illuminates and addresses social, civic, and/or environmental inequity by providing a new conceptual approach for a particular inequity and substantially contributing to a novel solution.


Submit the Focus Award Registration form. Select “Grand Impact Award” and briefly describe how your RISE presentation: 1) Illuminates and addresses a social, civic, and/or environmental inequity; 2) Develops a new perspective/method for viewing/approaching select inequity; 3) Accounts for primary social, economic, civic, and/or environmental obstacles facing adoption & implementation; and, 4) Presents a path toward adoption & implementation.

SAIL Award – $1,000

Sponsored by SAIL

Northeastern’s new approach to education focused on capturing and leveraging the learning we do across our lives: SAIL.

While a main goal of RISE is to produce extraordinary innovative research, an equally-important goal is for participants to learn and grow as a result of the entire experience. The SAIL Award is granted to the participant who best applies the SAIL framework to describe at least one critical experience related to their RISE participation.

The critical experience need not be focused too tightly on specific details and tasks related to your RISE presentation topic. It can also include life-lessons learned as a part of your holistic RISE participation. That said, the critical experience must be related in some way to the experience of doing the work that led to the RISE submission, and that link must be made clear.

The winning SAIL Award submission will artfully demonstrate the learning importance of both RISE and SAIL, and how the experience has cultivated transferable skills you may draw on in future experiences.


First, map your RISE experience on your SAIL timeline, and second, submit the Focus Award Registration form. In the form select “SAIL Award” and briefly describe: 1) At least one notable experience that became an important learning opportunity; 2) How that opportunity connects specifically to SAIL dimensional skills and/or foundational masteries; 3) How your skills/masteries developed as a result of the experiences leading to the RISE submission; and, 4) Why that development is important. Watch this video to learn more.

Sharing Economy Award – $1,500

Sponsored by SHARE

The sharing economy can be characterized as a system of dynamic decentralized networks that enables the increased utilization of assets by directly and nimbly matching supply and demand. Technology has enabled new platforms to flourish, disrupting traditional businesses and transforming the future of transportation, lodging, computing, energy, and other services. The estimated impact of sharing economy practices on society is striking, directly affecting the lives of more than a quarter of the adults living in the USA. However, the rapid pace of change has resulted in limited understanding of the dynamic interactions of these platforms with society, and the lag in understanding may be dangerous as disruptive changes continue to accelerate.

SHARE envisions and works toward a world in which sharing economy platforms are intentionally engineered for socially desirable outcomes considering their long-term sustainability, cyber-security, resource usage efficiency, impact on the environment, workforce and community relations, interactions with public services, and value-creation.


Submit the Focus Award Registration form. Select “Sharing Economy Award” and briefly describe how your RISE presentation demonstrates the most creative and promising approach to using technologies and algorithms for optimizing design, incentives, operations and security of sharing economy systems that enable socially desirable outcomes, such as sustainable growth, social equity and improved resilience.

Graduate Innovator Award

Sponsored by Graduate Student Government

Graduate Student Government (GSG) is the official liaison between graduate students and Northeastern University and is charged with: 1) organizing graduate students on a co-operative basis for advancing academic, professional and holistic interests; 2) facilitating services which supplement the academic experience, and developing a sense of community within the graduate body, the university community and beyond; 3) fostering a diverse and inclusive graduate student community; and, 4) safeguarding the interests of all graduate students including those from marginalized or underrepresented communities, building an environment free of systemic societal oppression.

The Graduate Innovator Award recognizes a graduate peer who demonstrates remarkable innovation by identifying new approaches to problem solving for maximal social impact.


RISE Presenters who are graduate students are automatically eligible for this award.