Northeastern undergraduate and graduate students as well as post-doc, faculty and staff are eligible to present, either individually or as a team. Mixed teams of student/faculty are also welcome; but, keep in mind, teams listing faculty as the lead presenter will not be eligible for a RISE Award.

Yes, you can present work at RISE even if you have presented or published it elsewhere, as long as the research or creative work took place within the last year.

All research and creative endeavor is welcomed at RISE, and RISE uses the term “research” in the broadest possible sense.

Whether it’s nanotechnology, social science, design, engineering, historical analysis, game development, drug discovery, original creative work — it’s eligible.

If you created it, researched it, discovered it — you can share it at RISE.

Your RISE project could be…

  • Research that you did on co-op (talk to your employer)
  • A research paper you wrote for a class
  • A community-engaged research or service-learning project
  • A project you completed for your capstone or thesis
  • A piece of art that you made
  • A performance you staged
  • A composition you recorded
  • A prototype you developed
  • A game you designed
  • A business plan you wrote
  • An impact assessment you completed
  • A policy proposal you drafted
  • Any other work you did that relied on discovery, originality, novelty, creativity, or innovation!

Every Northeastern college is represented at RISE, and this diversity makes RISE a successful, exciting event.

Even if your research is conducted off campus, you are welcome to present at RISE.

Just make sure you receive permission from your offsite research advisor first.

Northeastern’s Undergraduate Research and Fellowships is the university’s central resource for undergraduates seeking involvement in and support for research and creative endeavors.

Northeastern University Libraries have a number of resources available to help RISE presenters at many stages of the research process.

Resources include:

If your research is still underway when Abstract or Presentation due dates approach, don’t worry! Create the Abstract or Presentation with the information you have and outline projected findings.

Each RISE presenter may be the “main author” of two projects, at a maximum. This is because RISE includes two live Q&A sessions, and each project must be discussed during a Q&A session.

Maximum Abstract length is 100 words.

Yes. The RISE Team reviews all submissions prior to assigning them to RISE Judges. Presentations are reviewed for human and animal subject care protocol compliance, intellectual property, glaring grammatical errors, and conformity to presentation guidelines.

Once you upload your abstract/presentation to portal you are no longer able to edit.

The simplest answer — proof-read and review more than once and ask a friend to look over it too. Avoiding the elements below will also facilitate the acceptance of your submission.

Presentations will be rejected for:

  • Incorrect RISE presentation template
  • Modification of RISE and Northeastern logos
  • Glaring spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization mistakes
  • Glaring stylistic mistakes, e.g., pixilated graphics, spacing issues, illegible text
  • Violations of Northeastern’s Standards of Conduct

By submitting content for consideration, all participants consent to use by Northeastern University’s Undergraduate Research and Fellowships of all the information provided in the entries for marketing or promotional purposes with or without any attribution, identification, right of review or compensation. All submitters agree to release and hold harmless Northeastern University and its officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any claim or cause of action arising out of participation in RISE.

Business attire is preferred. Please dress professional, as if attending this expo in-person.

All RISE presentations are listed on the RISE website, and you are encouraged to include RISE on your resume as professional postering experience.

In terms of academic credit, please contact your professor directly to discuss.

RISE Judges are respected professionals representing more than 30 different industries. This collection affords you the chance to receive valuable feedback from diverse perspectives, meet potential collaborators, and expand your professional network.

Judges will be assigned to review your presentation and listen to your live Q&A. Prior to RISE, these Judges review your abstract and presentation. During RISE, they listen to describe your project and ask you questions in the Q&A.  Keep in mind, your presentation is intended to be a video introduction to your project.

Scores are issued on a scale of 0-20 in each of five general RISE categories; an additional 20 points are used to assess the project’s alignment with a Focus Award, if you have opted to compete for one. The assessment categories are:

  • Background, Motivation, and Goals
  • Process and Methods
  • Findings, Products, Results, and Next Steps
  • Quality of the Recorded Presentation
  • Quality of Discussion (Q&A)

RISE Judging Rubric

Faculty and staff presentations and organization displays are not judged.

Yes, Judges may communicate with presenters via the RISE platform via text chat and during the event live. Presenters wishing to connect with Judges may collect contact information during RISE. If an opportunity to connect was missed at RISE, please email the RISE Team for an introduction.

A pitch is a compelling 3 minute (or less) story, conveyed with confidence, that captures:

  • What problem your project addresses.
  • Why this problem is important.
  • How your project addresses this problem.
  • Why and How your solution is better than others

You should be available to interact with your audience during the designated virtual interaction timeframe; either from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET or 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET. If you must step away, please leave a note in the text chat indicating your return time.

RISE 2022 will be awarding RISE Awards and the RISE category awards.

Please visit Awards for a descriptive list of RISE accolades from past years.

Award winners are announced at the RISE Awards.

If you win, you will receive mention of your trophy, medal, or plaque during the ceremony. Physical awards will be given out in person at a later date, or mailed to students who are no longer in the Boston-Area.

If you win a cash prize award, the money will be deposited directly into your student account within 2-3 weeks. Access to award funds will depend upon account status. 

For those presenting as a team, all listed authors (excluding Northeastern faculty and external contributors) will receive equal distribution of cash prizes.

Everyone is invited to attend the RISE Awards!

Electronic versions of submitted materials are maintained in the Snell Library repository and on the RISE website.

If your literature review analyzes and synthesizes preexisting works to develop a novel argument, your literature review would be a good fit for the event. If the review is more of a summary of preexisting sources, then it would not be a good fit.

No, you may not modify the slides. Please leave the title slide and headers as they appear.

No, you may not change the header on the slides.

No, you may not add slides. The 5 slides (Title, Background, Motivation and Goals, Process and Methods, Findings and Products, Conclusions and Next Steps) you are given are all you are allowed to use.

RISE PowerPoint Slide Template

Three minutes TOTAL.

Yes, the three minutes should include the introduction.

No, the video is not separate from the PowerPoint. You are integrating the slides and the voiceover into a single video.

Watch our video on “Making Your RISE Presentation using the template:”

Posters are too small to see on most computer screens. We believed that single slides – breaking up the traditional elements of a poster – would be easier to see. The pandemic has also made clear how important communicating over video is; we thought this was good training and practice for the rest of your life, regardless of your future field.

Yes.  Check out last years presentations here.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Northeastern’s Zoom. Go to Northeastern.Zoom.Us to download the latest version.

Downloading the video and TT file can take some time. Be patient and if you don’t receive an email from Zoom, you can check the application itself.

  • Login to
  • Once logged in, navigate on lefthand side to “Recordings.”
  • You should see your recording listed there. If it has finished uploading you’ll see four files there:
    1. Shared Screen with Speaker View
    2. Audio Only
    3. Audio Transcript
    4. Closed Caption

You will want to download the Shared Screen with Speaker view and “AUDIO TRANSCRIPT” file (NOT the Closed Caption, as it is not of a very high quality). It should be a file with the VTT extension.