2012  •  

Wideband 60GHz On-Chip Antenna using Artificial Magnetic Conductor

Lead Presenter: soheil saadat

In recent years the expectations for energy-efficient, miniaturized high performance antennas have been growing for short-range wireless communication systems, particularly in System-On-Chip applications. At Extremely High Frequency range (e.g. mm-wave applications), issues such as high frequency transmission lines and sophisticated packaging required for external antennas, have become more challenging, therefore shifting the attentions towards high performance integrated antennas. Up to this date, several 60GHz CMOS on-chip antenna have been reported, however, they all suffer from poor radiation due to low resistivity and high permittivity of the silicon substrate. In the presence of a lossy substrate, most of the energy will be turned in to heat instead of radiating into the air. The objective of this work is to introduce a novel metamaterial layer beneath the antenna to minimize the coupling effects and hence, increase the antenna radiation efficiency by preventing the wave propagation into the silicon. This is accomplished uniquely by utilizing an Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC) below the antenna. Using this technique an energy-efficient, highly directive, low-profile antenna can be implemented for future silicon technology wireless communication. The ability to combine such metamaterial layers with active and tunable circuits adds a great deal of flexibility to on-chip communication system.