VistaLight: A Game Helps People Make Better Decisions

Presenter: chisheng liang

Research Category: Computer and Information Sciences
Student Type: Undergraduate
PI: Casper Harteveld
Award Winner Category: Computer and Information Sciences

People may hesitate and make bad decisions especially when they are under pressure, which may result in the unnecessary loss. Understanding how to reach consensus and make decisions can avoid loss and make more profits. We created a multi-player tablet game, VistaLight, in order to help players learn the decision-making process and how to make better decisions. VistaLight, as a role-playing game, allows players to play the role of representatives of port authority or a certain type of industry. These roles can decide how the Houston Port operates. When interruptions such as an oil spill or dense fog occur, players would have to make quick and good decision to maximize the benefits of the stakeholder that they represent, as well as the interests of the whole port. We simulate this process and allow players to create what-if cases, so that they review the impacts of their decisions on the whole supply-China system.