Use of OTT Platforms Among Youth

Presenter: Ajay Vaidya

Research Category:
College: College of Professional Studies
Major(s): Analytics
Graduation Date: 2022

With the rapid improvements in technology and access to the internet across India, many Indian people have started using OTT platforms. The Indian youth is not an exception to this. Therefore, the present paper attempts to find out how the Indian youth is using OTT (Over the Top) Platforms. The sample consisted of youth mainly between the age group of 17-26. The data were collected from 395 youngsters from Pune city, India. Out of which 225 were males, and 170 were females. Informed consent was taken before administering the questionnaire. Google forms were created for distributing the questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of a total of 30 closed-ended questions and one open-ended question.

Percentage analysis was carried out to analyze the data. Obtained results showed that around 90% of the youngsters are using OTT platforms, Netflix is the most popular streaming platform among youth, 73% of the parents do not monitor what content their ward is watching on the OTT platform, majority of youngsters like to watch comedy.

The results of qualitative analyses showed that for the majority of the students, OTT platforms have completely changed their daily life and it has become part of their lifestyle. For some OTT platforms is just a means of entertainment whereas, for others, streaming platforms have eased out the lives a little. For some respondents streaming platforms helps them to release stress. Results were discussed in the light of earlier studies and a review of the literature.