Triton SCUBA Diving Prosthetic

Presenter: shawn jones

Research Category: Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes
Student Type: Undergraduate
PI: Mark Sivak
Award Winner Category: Interdisciplinary Topics

Intense activity in prosthetic and 3D printing research has demonstrated the possibility of cost effective and viable components. Current prosthetic SCUBA diving flippers have limited functionality and are cost prohibitive. A design of a cost effective and high performance prosthetic SCUBA diving flipper called Triton was created. First developed for a double amputee United States Army veteran and SCUBA diving enthusiast. After several attempts to SCUBA dive with his regular heavy prosthetics, he has given up on trying to dive. This prosthetic SCUBA diving device is the answer to his problem and gives others the chance to take up a new hobby with much ease. The novel design incorporates the ability for walking on all terrains, durability and flexible dynamic flipper, easily attachable, and a sleek customizable exterior shell. The results, coupled with fundamental limitations in mobility, motivate an approach in water performance and usability of SCUBA diving. The approach of the Triton flipper will reduce the cost of a regular prosthetic SCUBA diving attachment and be able to not just dive off a boat, but from the shore. A prototype will serve as a model for future aquadynamic products.