Presenter: Ghalia Ammar

Research Category: Humanities and Arts
College: College of Arts Media & Design
Major(s): Architecture
Student Type: Graduate
Graduation Date: 2021
Additional Authors: Sophia Sabaten, Allan Cohen
Award Winner Category: Humanities and Arts

Designing your new apartment or house can be tedious and cumbersome especially on a small budget. Where do you begin? Having an already stressful lifestyle at work, or in need of a relaxing home environment, a homeowner or renter does not want any added troubles, like designing their personal space. By understanding the occupant on a more personal level, one can best assess their needs in order to help guide their design choices which can improve their wellbeing. Our solution seeks to provide quick and personalized recommendations to increase the comfort of peopleÕs homes with a simple mobile application. TONE provides expert advice that focuses on lighting and color, best suited for the user. By assessing the userÕs characteristics with a survey and later evaluating the space with the help of scanner software via a smartphone camera. Because the physical environment affects us in invisible ways, with a proper and personalized sensory environment, this app could help relieve oneÕs stress and increase productivity.