#TimesUp: Challenging Domestic Violence Policies to Increase Health, Wellness, and Justice

Research Category: Humanities and Arts

According to recent studies, it takes a woman seven instances of domestic violence to leave their partner. Most studies of domestic violence focus on the impact of domestic violence on women and whether they decided to report to the police or not. This research paper will focus on the impacts of domestic violence on juveniles ages 0-18 and the effects of policy developments. Through the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Massachusetts Government website the policy developments will include access to weapons (guns specifically) and changes in punishment for the charges of domestic violence. The cities being compared are Fall River, Brockton, and Boston. Lastly, The questions proposed in this research are the following: Do the majority of juveniles end up in the criminal justice system as defendants or the survivor? What are the psychological effects of juveniles ages 0-18 who experience domestic violence growing up? And how have domestic violence policies changed or evolved? All of these questions stem from the effects of policy, which is the main focus of this paper.