The Role of School Nurses in Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates

Presenter: Natalie McGowan

Research Category: Health Sciences
College: College of Science
Major(s): Behavioral Neuroscience
Graduation Date: 2021

An online educational seminar was created through the School Health Academy at Northeastern aimed at increasing the levels of knowledge about human papillomavirus (HPV) and the HPV vaccination among school nurses, as they are key opinion leaders within the school community. The seminar was conducted through the School Health Academy at Northeastern, and featured three expert panelists: Dr. Brittany Rosen, Dr. Kayoll Gyan, and Dr. Madina AgŽnor. Information discussed included HPV, HPV vaccination, vaccination guidelines, and health disparities. Additionally, the role of school nurses as opinion leaders was discussed, and nurses were provided with evidence-based communication strategies to use when providing vaccination recommendations to parents. Preliminary data suggest that this seminar was successful in increasing the levels of knowledge of the school nurses. This seminar is crucial to add to the discourse of how to increase uptake of the HPV vaccination among those with low uptake rates.