2013  •   Health Sciences

The Osteosole

Lead Presenter: Pehalvi Chadha

The purpose of this innovation is to benefit the senior community, or anyone else suffering from diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. The ñOsteosole,î a combination insole and patch that can measure and replenish bone density. QUS, or qualitative ultra sound waves measure bone density at the heel, shinbone and kneecap via a sensor in the insole. Current QUS or bone density measurement mechanisms are controversial and expensive because they require a trip to the doctor and special equipment. Rather than having to visit oneÍs doctor to combat osteoporosis, simply wearing this future product would function as a non-intrusive way to measure and protect against bone density loss. Wearers would be able to know when they are at the brink of risk for fracture or other bone problems. This invention is thus for those who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis but want to combat it by replenishing their bone density and maintaining an optimal level.