The IP-COLAB: an Exploration of a Novel Means by Which Practical Skills Can Be Developed in the Field of Intellectual Property.

Presenter: Justin Pounds

Research Category: Social Sciences, Business, and Law
PI: Susan Montgomery

It is an accepted fact among legal practioners that lawyers fresh from law school have few, if any, of the skills needed to carry out the practice of law. Decades ago this dilemma was remedied by law firms taking in large swaths of first year associates and subjugating them to robust training programs over the course of one to three years. Those days are now a distant memory. With clients’ unwilling to pay for junior associate work, and an ever increasing number of lawyers graduating to a decreasing number of job openings, recent graduates of law schools are left without the resources necessary to develop the skills they need to be successful in their careers. The IP-Colab seeks reduce, if not eliminate, that problem.

The IP-Colab represents an opportunity for law students to engage in skills based training, while at the same time, providing services for Northeastern University’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. By simulating a law firm environment, the IP-Colab provides students with the same or similar assignments, interactions, and instructions that a first year associate would receive. As compared to other law students, Students who complete the IP-Colab have greater confidence in their legal abilities and more practical training in common issues facing IP counsel. The IP-Colab is the embodiment of experiential learning and represents an opportunity to solve a one of the many problems facing young lawyers.