2013  •   Health Sciences

The Effects of Environmental Sounds on the Guessability of Animated Graphic Symbols

Lead Presenter: Ashley Harmon

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a relatively new and evolving field (Lloyd, Fuller, & Arvidson, 1997) that, within the past four decades, has become an invaluable tool for the facilitation and production of language and communication for individuals with little or no functional speech. æFor pre-literate children who use aided AAC applications (including nonelectronic communication boards, and speech generating devices), as well as for general consumer-level devices using AAC applications, graphic symbols are a low-tech necessity. Recently, developers have added environmental sounds to animated graphic symbols representing verbs in hopes to enhance their guessability. In this study, the effects of environmental sounds added to animated graphic symbols representing verbs will be examined in terms of guessability by typically developing children (3;0 to 3;11). æResults of this study will be used in development or refinement of future AAC symbols, and may possibly lead to more effective symbol selection.