2013  •   Health Sciences

The Effect of an 8 week Injury Prevention Program on Decreasing Risk Factors Associated with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in High School Female Basketball Players

Lead Presenter: Eric Dodson

Objective: Non-contact Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are highly prevalent in young female athletes. The purpose of this study is to employ an effective strength and conditioning program to decrease identified risk factors and reduce the risk of ACL injury. æMethods: Female varsity basketball players (n=19) from a single county public high school district were assessed at baseline for risk factors associated with ACL injury. The players then participated in a 6-week strength and conditioning program, which addressed strength, flexibility, dynamic balance, agility, and static balance. Upon completion of the program, the players will be re-assessed to identify the effect, if any, of the intervention on the associated risk factors. æConclusion: Post-intervention testing is tentatively scheduled for 2/28/13. æClinical Relevance: This study is clinically relevant due to the high number of ACL injuries sustained in the female athlete population. If this program is found to be effective, it will serve as a template for using a simple screening tool as well as an exercise program that the team can adopt to lower risk of injury in the future.