2012  •  

Social Entrepreneurship and the Indian Higher Education System

Lead Presenter: Caitlin Ferguson

Social entrepreneurship has emerged within the past decade as a discipline with tremendous potential to make an impact around the world. Also within the past decade, the Country of India has emerged as a rising superpower in the world economy. India’s economic prosperity has failed to touch much of its population, though, and this is where social entrepreneurship can step in alongside the government, the private sector, and the public sector. While India has seen a tremendous number of entrepreneurs, what can be done to encourage the population to utilize social entrepreneurship as a tool to combat poverty? This is a large question with a myriad of solutions, but this paper aims to analyze this question through one potential solution: the higher education system. Through an analysis of social entrepreneurship, a presentation of the social challenges facing India, and corresponding case studies, this paper will argue that social entrepreneurship presents many opportunities to address the social problems facing India. It will then go on to examine the higher education system in India as it plays a part in either encouraging or inhibiting entrepreneurship.