2013  •   Humanities and Arts

Revitalizing Dudley Square

Lead Presenter: David Parker

Despite Dudley SquareÍs deterioration in the 90Ís, due to the relocation of the orange line, it has always functioned as the commercial center for Roxbury. Recent ædevelopment and city planning has put a spotlight on Dudley Square, especially the redevelopment of the historic Ferdinand building which will transfer 500 city workers to the heart of Dudley. With the reintroduction of rapid transit and commercial development, the square is undergoing a steady transformation. However, it is the æimplementation of many developments that will ensure a successful rebirth of the area, and diversity is key. ææDudley SquareÍs diminished housing stock and large, centrally located empty parcel provides grounds for a mixed-use, mixed-income housing development as well as a public space to accommodate community functions. This proposal establishes a sense of place to Dudley Square, a square like many others that lacks anything resembling a true public plaza. Combining residential with commercial spaces, the project aims to ælocate residents, as well as the economic activity they supply, directly into the heart of the square. æThe vibrant past of Dudley Square was temporarily masked by its period of relative dormancy; nevertheless the areaÍs growth has reignited the possibility of Dudley as a fertile, æsustainable hub. By increasing density within DudleyÍs built environment a catalyst will æbe triggered for persistent activity. Dudley squareÍs lively history is not out of reach from æits promising future, and it is the development of this innermost positioned parcel that is æimperative to its prospective success.