2014  •   Engineering and Technology

Resilient Structures

Lead Presenter: David Potter

Additional Presenters: Sara Al-Otaibi

PI: Sara Al-Otaibi, Dan Adams


Engineering and Technology

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This project investigates the design of structural and performative facades as a means to limit requirements for internal building structure and systems. This enables a building to be more easily adaptable to future program changes, and improves the lifespan resilience of the architecture.  Typical building structures and facade systems do not integrate with site eco-systems.  This investigation studies how aggregating modules of structural solar collecting walls can passively heat the building through the recirculation of solar-heated rainwater, thus integrating the architecture into the environmental milieu.  This method challenges typical building construction, favoring the integration of structure, envelope, and climate to optimize resiliency in functionality, performance, flexibility, and energy use.