Reframing the Music Classroom: Incorporating Anti-Racist Practices and BIPOC Voices

Presenter: Rose-Laura Meus

Research Category: Humanities and Arts
College: College of Arts Media & Design
Major(s): International Affairs
Graduation Date: 2023
Additional Authors: Avery Kelly

 As scholars and teachers, who we cite in our research and who we teach in our classrooms has the power to make and remake our fields. This power can be used to center certain forms of knowledge and ways of being, but also to discipline or even silence others. In light of the current events revolving around the Black Lives Matter protests, we realized that the world of music education was and is very White-dominant, underscoring the racisms embedded in this field and the need to start rethinking how exactly music scholarship is defined. 

With the project ÒReframing the Music Classroom: Incorporating Anti-Racist Practices and BIPOC Voices,Ó we commenced a process aimed at criticizing and then eradicating the racism from our research and curricula. The core of the project is a subject guide that will be available via the Northeastern library website and recommends an array of resources to incorporate in music classes. The guide is divided into four sections, focusing on: the work of BIPOC music scholars; anti-racist pedagogy; racism, anti-racism and protest within music; and BIPOC artists who contributed to the evolution of music within the 20th and 21th century. In addition, a curated selection of the gathered materials is featured in a biweekly newsletter that is addressed to all music majors and music faculty.

With this presentation, we will give insights on the motivations behind this project and on the curatorial process. We will discuss the immediate outcomes of the projects along with the envisioned broader impacts