2013  •   Humanities and Arts

Re-Invigorating Urban Environments: A new model of combined live-work residence

Lead Presenter: Matthew Stoner

This architectural design project attempts to promote strong, economically sustainable communities through the implementation of ñLive Workî housing in underserved, struggling urban areas. Physical housing stock, when innovatively combined with space for small business incubation, can reinvent an age-old typology, and raise the entrepreneurial spirit for citizens with a variety of income levels. This hypothetical design was tested on a site in RoxburyÍs Dudley Square, in hopes that it could create a sense of place and vibrancy in once impoverished, underdeveloped neighborhoods. æThe design was not driven by a utopian vision, but rather by an understanding and manipulation of the rules and regulations that local building codes, governments, and developers place on the design of urban housing. This design seeks to be more efficient and economically viable than what is currently being built and attempts to set a precedent for how designers can enable this type of building to become reality in the neighborhoods that need it the most. ææIn this unique ñLive Workî apartment building, residents live in a one floor flat while owning a connected office or studio space on the floor above or below, and local entrepreneurs are able to own their own two bedroom live-work unit that will welcome clients, accommodate employees, provide access to light and air, remove lengthy commute times, and most importantly, enhance oneÍs connection and passion for a growing business and community.