Presenter: Lineisha Rosario

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
College: College of Professional Studies
Major(s): Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Graduation Date: 2021

The motivation for bringing the product pRIMS to life was the creativity and uniqueness that the product will bring to the automotive market. pRIMS showed the potential of providing something different to the off-roading customers and regular car fanatics combined. The automotive market and industry are entering a generic and fast modeling phase, leaving creativity and customization out of the equation. The scope of launching pRIMS to the market is to allow customers to have more options for car rims bringing back that touch of uniqueness to their automobiles. By creating a product out of durable and resistant material and adding a touch of customization, pRIMS will be that one option where customers will be able to fill their needs and fulfill their wants. Companies only create a set of parts for cars, with specifications, in order to stay on top of mass production for replacement parts. It was found that customers tend to go to third-party companies for customization due to a lack of options and prices provided by the automotive companies. By this, pRIMS will be a great option for companies to implement a new product that will be directed to automotive aficionados giving them the opportunity to have varied options within a durable and easy to customize product.