Portable Thermoelectricity Generating Kit

Presenter: Harsh Engineer

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
Student Type: Graduate
Award Winner Category: Engineering and Technology

According to “ACTION4ENERGY,” a United Nations Development Programme, about 1.3 billion people worldwide live without electricity. There are also 3 billion people living without clean cooking facilities, out of which more than 4.3 million people have already died due to the indoor pollution created by it. This research is focused on creating an environmentally friendly, portable thermoelectricity generating kit which produces thermoelectricity that can be readily used. The kit works in two modes; in first mode, the kit operates as a cooking stove which produces electricity from burning fuel (wood, coal, waste, cow dung, etc.); in second mode, the kit produces electricity from solar energy, but without solar cells. The kit is designed such that the pollution of the burned fuel is reduced to a great extent. The kit uses Peltier tiles, which are made up of thermoelectric materials capable of directly converting thermal energy into electricity and vice versa, for producing electricity which is clean, free and easily accessible. This kit can help people who are deprived of electricity, people residing in the places where setting up transmission lines is difficult. Moreover this will also provide people with clean cooking facility and prevent them from diseases occurring due to indoor air pollution. This kit can also be used as a portable electricity producing incinerator at a larger scale which can light up the streets and small shops of small villages and towns which also solve the problem of proper garbage disposal without creating any pollution.