2013  •   Business and Law, Social Sciences

Plan B: Making Oppression Backfire

Lead Presenter: Victoria Porell

Plan B: Making Oppression Backfire was conceived to address a gap in current training materials in nonviolent struggle and a clear need for nonviolent movements around the world to be more prepared to deal with governmental repression. The various movements of the Arab Spring provide a clear example of these two deficiencies. The young pro-democracy groups of the region have in common their strengths in communication, particularly via social media and their ability to gather large crowds to their events. Where they are commonly deficient, however, is their ability to withstand oppression from the government without resorting to violence themselves. As protests continue in countries such as Syria and Bahrain, that have not yet seen a democratic transition, and in countries such as Egypt and Tunisia, where the democratic transition is yet incomplete, there is and will be a resounding need for materials relating to the management of oppression in nonviolent struggle. æPlan B is a user-friendly manual, written and designed to be applied in any nonviolent conflict. æThe text is clearly organized, with numerous case studies from around the world to illustrate the principles. At the end of each chapter there is a section of ñAlwaysî/ ñNeverî, breaking the concepts down into easy to remember and manage points. The manual was written in simple, easily understood language, free of complex theoretical principles or technical terms. The language is ideal for those who speak English as a second language or for translation into other languages.