Pharmacy Students’ Satisfaction with Online Learning During COVID-19

Presenter: Sydney Hudson

Research Category: Health Sciences
College: Bouve College of Health Sciences
Major(s): Pharmacy
Graduation Date: 2021
Additional Authors: Madeline Schaefer, Brian Root, Christopher Tzekov

Motivation: Online Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: opportunities and challenges.

Problem Statement: This aims to determine professional year 1 Ð year 3 (P1-P3) pharmacy studentsÕ preferences regarding the delivery of online courses.

Approach: A Qualtrics survey was offered to P1-P3 professional year students enrolled in Northeastern UniversityÕs BouvŽ School of Pharmacy program. The anonymous survey was designed to assess student experiences with online learning. The survey consisted of 5 Likert-type, 9 multiple choice and 3 short answer questions. Survey logic was used based on studentsÕ professional year and location of learning (time zones).

Results: Of the 328 students, 27.8% started the survey and 19.2% completed the entire survey. Most students, 83.4% preferred in person live lectures based on their learning styles. Additionally, 76.9% disagreed that working in a group online was more effective than working in person, and 68.2% did not find ZOOM breakout rooms helpful in learning material. Response bias must be considered as well as how many semesters each cohort spent with learning online or with the NUFlex (students selected in-person, online synchronous or asynchronous) format.

Conclusion: A trend in the data displaying dissatisfaction regarding the use of flipped classroom, group work, and breakout rooms styles for learning is a point that should be highlighted in future research. Reasons for dissatisfaction needs to be established in order to identify opportunities to improve on classroom delivery.