Peak Current Control Boost Converter with Time-Multiplex

Presenter: Yixuan He

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
College: College of Engineering
Major(s): Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduation Date: 2022

Converting a single-inductor single-output (SISO) convert into its multiple-output (SIMO) counterpart involves duty-cycling the inductorÕs stored energy into several outputs. To manage the energy flow either time-multiplexing or charge sharing topologies are available. This work presented a behavioral model of a SIMO boost converter with time multiplex control. The DC-DC converter was developed using a combination of functional building blocks standard in the SISO topologies (and presented in recent literature). The simulated results demonstrate the converterÕs functionality and overall good performance on voltage regulation and power delivery. Compared to existing designs, the SIMO converter requires only a single inductor which is suitable for small form factor, portable applications with and without a battery. The converter offers advantages in cross-regulation suppression and energy transfer by employing the time multiplex control.