PAVEMON: A GIS Web-based PAVEment MONitoring System

Presenter: Salar Shahini Shamsabadi

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
Student Type: Graduate
PI: Ming Wang & Ralf Birken
Award: Innovation
Award Winner Category: Engineering and Technology

A web-based PAVEment MONitoring system, PAVEMON, is a GIS  oriented platform that aims to plan optimum maintenance and repair activities to make practical and defensible decisions. PAVEMON leverages data from a multi-modal mobile sensor system which can assess road conditions frequently and affordably at both surface and subsurface levels. Stated sensor system consists of acoustic, optical, electromagnetic, and GPS sensors and produces data on a variety of pavement characteristics.

Each of the sensors’ outputs holds an aspect of knowledge required for assessing road conditions which PAVEMON deals with accordingly.  From correlating sensor data with the corresponding images, captured by a camera installed on back of the vehicle, data mining algorithms can be developed and validated. Captured every meter, these images have been geo-tagged and mosaicked together providing a resolution far beyond the aerial photography. Google street-view images have also been integrated into PAVEMON as a third party API to further verify sensors’ data. PAVEMON offers an ideal research and monitoring platform for rapid, intelligent and comprehensive evaluation of tomorrow’s transportation infrastructure based on up-to-date data from heterogeneous sensor systems.