2013  •   Engineering and Technology

Optimization of Healthcare Delivery Regional Network Topology

Lead Presenter: Onur Uzunlar

Given the high costs of healthcare coupled with a focus on access and preventive health, many healthcare systems are engaged in macro-level planning of their overall network topology, care location, market expansion, and merger strategies. Numerous examples exist across the U.S. We have developed a set of network design tools to facilitate these complex decision-making processes for healthcare systems. We have applied these tools to a variety of problems working with several large healthcare delivery systems. In each case, we have shown that care services can be optimally located or re-located within a geographic region in a way that provides greater access to a larger population at lower costs. We also have been successful in optimizing the use of telemedicine and other remote technologies in ways that we create cost efficient, patient centered and easy to access systems. This poster summarizes some of this work within different health care settings ranging from optimizing current operations to designing a new network for telehealth operations.