2018  •   Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Northeastern University Global Health Initiative

Lead Presenter: Kritika Singh

Additional Presenters: Hugh Shirley, Stephanie Stumbur, Francesca Giorgianni, Adriell Louis

PI: Richard Wamai

NU Global Health Initiative (NUGHI) is an interdisciplinary conference aimed at uniting students, faculty, and world-experts to encourage discourse about global health, workshop ideas for direct action, and present relevant research. Currently, there are no interdisciplinary conferences organized by undergraduates that brings together a wide range of people in the field of global health. Our research seeks to analyze which global health topics and speakers attract greater audiences from the academic community at Northeastern and Boston. NUGHI will be a conference that brings together students and professionals from the wide variety of areas of study which impact global health. Attendees will have the opportunity to partake in workshops and view presentations discussing global health through diverse genres. In order to promote the conference and further develop it for, we will create a website detailing all the programming. We plan to measure the interest of guests in each topic via a post-conference survey. The survey will be distributed to conference attendees through an online link and paper copies. This survey will get feedback from participants about their area of study, then have them rate speakers and how helpful different workshops were. We will then analyze responses to determine which events were preferred. Our goals are to bring together a wide spectrum of professions to discuss solutions to global health issues, foster an environment for Northeastern students to become involved in public health, and highlight Northeastern’s position at the forefront of global health law, technology, and science.

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