Northeastern University Global Health Initiative Tackles Health and Racial Inequity

Presenter: Fatemah Mukadum

Research Category: Health Sciences
College: College of Science
Major(s): Chemistry
Graduation Date: 2022
Additional Authors: Nyle Sharif, Andrew Lee, Rebecca Gluck, Ramya Kumar

In light of the recent turmoil regarding racial injustice and health inequity in 2020, the Northeastern University Global Health Initiative (NUGHI) commits itself to create tangible change on affected populations through methods of grass-roots wealth distribution and education. Throughout the past year, NUGHI led the Black Health Matters fundraiser and the Incarcerated Readers Fund, which have grossed over $35,000 and $8,000 respectively. Furthermore, NUGHI has hosted monthly, interactive discussion panels focused on thematic and relevant topics, such as Palestinian health, Indigenous health, reproductive justice, and AIDS. The knowledge, connections, and experience obtained from these events will culminate to our annual conference: COVID-19 and Racial Equity (C.A.R.E 2021). The conference will foster initiative among the attendees through hosting student-led poster sessions as well as four highly-interactive, outcome-driven workshops focused on global health literacy, increasing access to care, the effects of institutionalized discrimination on health, and global public health policy. Attendees will possess the knowledge and abilities that allow them to advocate for and strongly influence business strategies and social injustices. Building on our initial success in GHCW (Global Health In a Changing World), C.A.R.E. 2021 was developed after taking our previous research results into account. In light of todayÕs emerging health crises and NortheasternÕs increased involvement in global health, we present a framework for empowering and providing resources for learners from all levels and backgrounds to engage in global health, as well as future considerations for outreach.