Northeastern University Global Health Initiative Hosts Global Health in a Changing World 2020

Presenter: Kritika Singh

Research Category: Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes
Additional Authors: Ramya Kumar, Anisa Amiji, Andrew Lee, Nyle Sharif, Fatemah Mukadam, Adriell Louis, Becky Gluck, Francesca Giorgianni

Honoring Northeastern’s commitment to creating unobstructed, immersive opportunities for learning, the Northeastern University Global Health Initiative (NUGHI) organized the NU Global Health in the Changing World (GHCW) which seeks to build partnerships across disciplines with changemaker speakers and attendees. Our main theme (change) encompasses how people, the planet, and technology are changing through focused plenary sessions on forced migration, climate change and disease, as well as emerging technologies, accompanied by a series of corresponding research presentations corresponding to these fields. To maximize opportunities for student engagement, we also held student-led poster sessions as well as eight highly-interactive, outcome-driven workshops touching on a variety of topics including sustainable business practices, infectious disease, and maternal/infant health. These sessions were led by field experts and allowed students to connect with their peers, our speakers, and global health a whole in an interactive group setting. Building on our initial success in NUGHI 2018, GHCW was developed after taking our previous research results into account. GHCW’s survey results noted attendees from every college representing at least 18 academic majors, bringing together a total of nearly 280 attendees and more than 40 speakers from all fields. In light of today’s emerging health crises and Northeastern’s increased involvement in global health, we present a framework for empowering and providing resources for learners from all levels and backgrounds to engage in global health, as well as future considerations for outreach given our recent findings from this conference.