2012  •  

Network development in remote areas using integrated Iunctio systems

Lead Presenter: Kevin McMorrow

Iunctio United Networks integrates web-enabled computer networks and SATCOM infrastructure in remote locations and developing countries. IUN is both a network deployment contractor for VSAT,BGAN, L-Band Satellite phones and smartgrid SCADA connections. Establishing communication mediums allows remote populations to share information within their borders and with the rest of the world thus linking new locations with the global economy. IUN sees the value in setting up commerce related Internet for the Rest of The World (ROW) that is not connected to the World Wide Web. The implementation of 21st century communication will send a shock wave through affected communities. Medicine, commerce, and education can advance by virtue of the new information resources. Satellite interfaces allow developing countries and corporations to leapfrog the physically wired networks of yesterday. Iunctio can deploy experimental networks more effectively than industry leaders in last-mile deployments because it has a low labor cost and it dispenses with costly fiber optic networks. Solutions apply to virtually any industry or sector because connectivity will facilitate tangible change in emerging countries. Africa is the