2012  •  

Network Composition for Situation Assessment: A “Trusted Meeting” Case Study Network Composition for Situation Assessment: A “Trusted Meeting” Case Study

Lead Presenter: Shan Lu

Nowadays situation assessment in various scenarios depends on communication networks, information stored in various data stores (information networks), and knowledge of the roles and relations that particular people are involved in (social networks). In order to come up with a high-fidelity situation assessment, information from these three networks must be integrated consistently (fused) into a coherent situation model. This is a difficult task for humans to perform due to various reasons, e.g., interruptions, stress (emergency, war), and complexities of social relationships (trust). A tool (Network Composer) that would support people in assessing situations is desirable, but non-existent. In this presentation we analyze the behavior of Network Composer on a scenario in which all three types of network are involved. The scenario deals with an organization of a “trusted meeting” (over a communication network) of a number of people following some rules of trust. Information about the status of the meeting and the various people is stored in data stores associated with communication nodes. Network Composer would support a human in answering the question whether the preconditions for such a meeting have been satisfied, i.e., whether it is possible that the meeting will happen. To assess Network Composer we represent information flowing though the three networks in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and rules and emulate the inferential behavior of the tool using a generic inference engine. The tool is tested on the various scenarios of information flows in the three types of network.