“Moving On” After Head and Neck Cancer – Development of Patient-Centered Education Materials for Physical and Functional Recovery.

Research Category: Health Sciences
Presenter: Ann Marie Flores
PI: Ann Marie Flores

Purpose. This project will: (1) identify thematic content to revise an existing physical therapy (PT) education booklet “Moving On” for head and neck cancer survivors (HNCS); (2) elicit feedback from HNC survivors, supportive others, and HNC medical experts.

Methods & Data. Our sample will be a convenience sample drawn from local HNCS groups, local and regional hospitals. We will conduct 4 focus groups and use an iterative qualitative approach to revise ”Moving On” for HNCS.  Group (GP) 1 will consist of HNCS; GP 2, HNC supportive others; GP 3, HNC medical experts; GP 4, HNCS and supportive others. We will recruit 4 – 6 participants per focus group (total of 16-24) who are over the age of 18 are either a HNCS, supportive other or medical expert. Feedback elicited includes recommendations on content to be revised, layout, design, literacy level, acceptability and feasibility, mode and timing of education delivery for the HNCS.

Expected Results. We expect that the focus groups will identify and prioritize topics such as neck, jaw and shoulder range of motion, postural education, pain, fatigue, lymphedema, post-operative movement precautions, exercise guidelines, and skin care. We expect the participants to make recommendations on plain language, organization, style, layout, design and potential for acceptability and feasibility and timing of delivery for “Moving On” for the HNCS.

Significance. Our intervention may improve physical/functional outcomes after HNC treatment. These data will be used to inform a larger pilot test to determine acceptability and feasibility of delivery of the education materials.