Modular Flow-Through Photometer

Presenter: Patrick Sliter

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
College: College of Engineering
Major(s): Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date: 2023

This project aims to create a DIY platform for lab automation and data collection using open-source hardware, software, and modularized design. This modularized design will allow researchers to easily customize what data they are able to collect for experiments. In addition to being easily customizable, this platform will allow researchers to spend less time physically in the lab manually collecting and logging data This platform will consist of a main control module with several interchangeable and customizable sensor modules. In addition to the control module, a photometer module was designed to measure the density of cells in media. Currently, the design of both the control and photometer has been prototyped and the photometer module is being tested for range and accuracy under different conditions. With diligent progress being made on prototyping and testing the system, this platform holds great potential to aid in laboratory.