Modern Slavery in the Corporate Supply Chain

Presenter: Zeynep Tuncer

Research Category: Social Sciences, Business, and Law
College: D'Amore-McKim School of Business
Major(s): Supply Chain Management
Graduation Date: 2023

Modern slavery is an issue that has only been acknowledged in the past few decades by corporations and political legislation, despite its international significance and implications on upwards of 40 million individuals worldwide. Modern slavery is employed in the most prominent industries, including textiles, technology, fishing, and confectionary goods, but there are currently no existing laws that outwardly prohibit the use of slavery in the supply chain. This project inspects the current actions taken against modern slavery on a corporate, national, and international level to examine measures in enforcing and preventing forced labor. Modern slavery statements by corporations as well as modern slavery acts published by countries and international organizations are discussed. The project provides an overview of extant literature by professionals in the field, followed by case studies of specific textile companies and their adherence to the policies in place. Finally, companies that have been leaders in their respective industries in taking initiative against modern slavery are examined to provide potential solutions for the future. The research concludes that laws extending beyond transparency in recording that require measurable change must be implemented. Governments must also work together with, rather than in the interest of, private corporations to establish infrastructure in their countries that are not conducive to modern slavery.