Modeling Multiple Outpatient Orthopedic Clinics with One Flexible Simulation Model

Presenter: Nurul Suhaimi

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
Additional Authors: Vahab Vahdatzad, Jacqueline Griffin
PI: Jacqueline Griffin

Major medical centers provide many specialized services, commonly with multiple locations to better serve their patients. While multiple locations provide proximity between the patient and provider, the effort to maintain the same process or procedure is arduous as the challenges in each location may vary. Such differences require healthcare managers to identify the issues and work to improve the process to the desired level separately. Simulation model has been widely used to assist healthcare managers in policy and process change. To this date, many literatures only attempt to build one simulation model specific for one clinic but not for multiple locations. In this study, we develop one flexible discrete-event simulation model to represent two orthopedic clinics located in Massachusetts, and identify specific improvement projects for each. Graphical user interface is constructed to enable the clinic managers to modify simulation parameters thus, minimizing the needs for future adaption of the model. The value of the simulation model is verified by evaluating the impact of sharing mid-level providers in each clinic, and the results show that the timeliness of care improve with different significance.