Millimeter-Wave Multistatic 3D Personnel Screening System for Explosives-Related Threats

Presenter: Jacob Londa

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
Student Type: null
Additional Authors: Mohammad Nemati, Carey Rappaport, Nicholas Pelepchan
PI: Mohammad Nemati
Faculty Advisor: Carey Rappaport

This poster presents the experimental results for a multistatic millimeter-wave imaging radar for person security screening applications. By making use of an elliptical toroidal antenna, together with a 57-64 GHz transceiver chipset, a multistatic imaging system is realized. This simplifies the 3D imaging system to a less computationally intense 2D problem. The experimental data is in good agreement with the computed data, imaging not only conventional objects, but also challenging targets such as penetrable dielectrics and dihedrals.