Me and My Future

Presenter: Constance Cassagnol

Research Category: Humanities and Arts
College: College of Arts Media & Design
Major(s): Graphic Design
Graduation Date: 2022

Haiti, has a population of approximately 11 million inhabitants. ItÕs the poorest country in the western hemisphere where nearly 60% of its population lives under the poverty line.  In the Haitian culture, mental health is considered a taboo subject to most. I want to bring awareness to it, and open their eyes on how powerful and rich their own body is. A small percentage of the less fortunate children have access to a basic education but their parents donÕt have the necessary resources to provide for a better future. The children donÕt know when their next meal will be or if theyÕll have electricity back at their house at the end of the day to do their homework. (Me, my future is a campaign that will teach the kids how to use their body to thrive. Train their mind, mental and emotions to utilize their body to the best of its abilities.

A series of posters installed at their schools that will teach the children how to build their emotional, spiritual, mental and physical muscle. This campaign will contain an assortment of guided exercises that are simple and easy enough to become a habit. Also, the children will receive notifications on their phone so that they wonÕt forget. Me, and My Future campaign will bring light to the reserved subject of mental health, while also pushing the children to want more for themselves.