Manbil: An Educational, Modular Game Architecture

Presenter: William Manning

Research Category: Computer and Information Sciences
Student Type: Undergraduate
PI: Nik Brown

Game engines are the fundamental building-blocks for modern real-time 3D applications, including those not intended for pure entertainment. However, despite their importance, there are few comprehensive educational resources out there for students to take apart and study. While popular open-source options are available, including the massive Unreal Engine 4, they are nearly all designed with performance in mind, resulting in sacrifices that make it hard for new-comers to learn how these engines work at a low level. This project seeks to expand upon and document a work-in-progress 3D game engine designed with education in mind. This engine is designed to be as modular as possible; students can study the individual pieces of the project without having to grasp its total complexity. As a result of this design decision, the engine will be substantially easier to understand, teach, and even build off of, providing flexibility in the classroom. The major test of this engine’s success starts next Fall semester, in Northeastern University’s Building Game Engines class.