Localized tumor delivery of radiosensitizers and chemotherapeutics using ‘INCeRT’ implants

Presenter: Jodi Belz

Research Category: Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes
Student Type: Graduate
Additional Authors: Stacey Markovic, Rajiv Kumar, Mark Niedre, Srinivas Sridhar
PI: Jodi Belz, Srinivas Sridhar
Award Winner Category: Interdisciplinary Topics

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Systemic chemotherapy is often used with radiation therapy in the management of prostate cancer, but leads to severe systemic toxicities. We have introduced the fabrication of an Implantable Nanoplatform for Chemo-radiation Therapy (INCeRT) spacer that offers the potential to deliver planned, localized and sustained delivery of chemotherapy and imaging agent. This new modality of chemotherapy would be delivered as part of  a routine minimally invasive image guided radiation therapy procedure in brachytherapy. Such image guided chemoradiation therapy replaces currently used inert spacers with no therapeutic impact, with drug eluting spacers that provide the same spatial benefit with the added localized chemotherapeutic. This new therapeutic modality requires characterization of the drug distribution produced by implantable drug eluters. This work presents imaging based means to measure and compare temporal and spatial properties of diffusion distributions around spacers loaded with multi-sized dye-doped nanoparticles or spacers loaded with free dye. The optimized spacer was loaded with chemotherapeutics and inserted intratumorally for efficacy of the localized chemotherapy versus the standard systemic dosing. The in vivo chemotherapy measurements demonstrate that local chemotherapy is not only feasible, but as effective as current treatment options. This new localized chemo-treatment shows great potential in increased tumor reduction with overall decreased systemic toxicity.

Supported by IGERT grant  NSF-DGE- 0965843 and ARMY/ W81XWH-12-1-0154.