2012  •  

Jubilimi: the Biggest Thing in Birthdays Since Birthday Cake!

Lead Presenter:

The inconvenience of remembering to send a birthday card to my best friend, who lives on the west coast, marked the beginning of an exploration for the potential of a web-based company that sends automated birthday packages – something more than a card but less than an actual gift. Ongoing research has aimed at pinpointing industry trends, consumer insights, current birthday gifting practices, pricing of packages, and proposed market fit. Several months after recognizing the original problem and discovering an opportunity, a business plan is close to complete for submission to the IDEA Advisory Board. If funded, this company will be on its way to becoming the biggest thing in birthdays since cake. Jubilimi is a web based company that focuses on women’s birthdays. Current and future products include various basic and premium pre-made and custom-made birthday boxes. Each box will contain an assortment of five to seven festive items, such as a “Happy Birthday” tiara and birthday candle. Consumers will have the option to add more items to any box, from a selection of fun and trendy offerings that can take each box from a fun package to an actual gift. Jubilimi’s products will enable consumers to take care of birthday greetings and gifts all at once, on their own time, taking away the responsibility of buying and sending such time sensitive items. Consumers can place orders for birthday boxes through Jubilimi’s website today, to be sent to the designated recipients for their birthdays weeks or months from now.