Jola Venture – The Solar Dehydrator and Fighting Food Preservation

Presenter: Michael Cantalino
Faculty Advisor: Dr. William Tita

Our technology (patent in process), is an effective, low-cost solution to food spoilage that is common among most developing nations. Using solar energy to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, spices, fish and meats, the Sollpod extends the shelf lives of perishable food items, giving users a simple and cost effective means of food preservation. A unique technical feature of the design is the creation of a natural flow of air over food items in a central chamber. Alternative processes bring perishable food items to cooking temperatures and traditional methods employ harmful smoke and necessitate at least five weeks of exposure to smoke or sunlight. The Solpod requires just six hours to dry over 10lbs of its contents under normal temperatures. With no electrical parts involved in its design, the Solpod is very inexpensive and easy to maintain and repair. With our research on methodically fighting food preservation coupled with the innovative technology of using the suns heat to dehydrate food, we will fight hunger and inefficiency within agriculture with the SolPod