Intergenerational Conversations in COVID-19

Presenter: Emily Malterre

Research Category: Humanities and Arts
College: College of Engineering
Major(s): Civil Engineering
Graduation Date: 2021

I spent time last summer talking to my grandma. I was thinking about relationships and the stories we tell intergenerationally, and especially, what that looked like in a global pandemic. This project was also a look into how to accomplish this completely remotely Ð I, and every other podcaster or audio journalist was trying to figure out how to have conversations with decent sound quality without being in person and/or being in a studio. With these constraints in mind, I was able to set my grandma up with a microphone on her end, and had microphones on my end, and we began to talk every other day or so for almost two months. I wanted to take conversations that we were all having with the people in our lives – over zoom – and explore them, and make art of them. Treating what could be seen as mundane as material rife with intrigue. Here I will be able to share an audio piece I created this summer through this project.