2013  •   Physical and LIfe Sciences

Improving pharmaceutical properties of compounds that target human African trypanosomiasis

Lead Presenter: Jennifer Woodring

Neglected tropical diseases, like human African trypanosomiasis (HAT), are widely overlooked in the pharmaceutical industry. æBecause of this, many of the current treatments are toxic, of modest efficacy, have poor bioavailability, and are increasingly subject to resistance. æThe current emphasis of our research is to find potent, yet selective analogs against Trypanosoma brucei. æImportantly for HAT, we are also focused on ensuring the oral bioavailability and blood-brain-barrier penetration of these compounds, which are critical properties that are essential for new drugs. æOur research involves encapsulating our most potent analogs into nanoemulsions and liposomes for enhancing pharmaceutical properties of investigational agents.