Impact of Government Communication Strategies During COVID-19

Presenter: Zhang Haonan

Research Category:
College: College of Professional Studies
Major(s): Commerce & Economic Developmnt
Graduation Date: 2021
Additional Authors: Ningning Li

The project aims at finding out the impact of different communication strategies adopted by the government during COVID-19 on public trust, disease spread, as well as economic uncertainty and financial volatility. During the pandemic, different countries tend to adopt two different communication strategies: The first one is consistent communications where government messaging is aligned with scientific consensus and dynamic communications and the second one is government messaging can freely deviate from scientific consensus. We plan to find out the impact of those two different communication strategies through analyzing the data we collect from a huge number of reports, government documents and so on. In addition, we would conduct some interviews to find out some individual perspectives related to the issue so that some deeper causes or insights might be revealed. This research is important because it has significant practical meaning. During the pandemic, many people have suffered greatly either economically, emotionally as well as physically. Not that all of these sufferings can be traced back to communication strategies, but there have been studies proving that the government communication strategies can have some effect on public trust as well economic and financial condition. Therefore, our research might be able to provide some lessons for governments so that they will know what they should do. This can be really helpful to prevent similar disasters from happening again in some countries. Therefore, this research can have significant meaning to individuals as well as to the government.