HAFS House

Presenter: Ian Gasco-Wiggin

Research Category: Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes
Faculty Advisor: Ian Gasco-Wiggin

The HAFS House is more than just a home, it’s the idea of inhabiting a place that is subjected to harsh periods of weather and where the people are looking for an affordable structure to meet their needs. This is a Hurricane Proof, Affordable, Flood Proof and Sustainable family dwelling. With sustainable features such as a roof garden, a rain collection system and natural ventilation and daylighting, the HAFS House limits its energy consumption from that of a conventional home. The building also rests upon twelve foot high foundation walls which the structure is heavily pinned to allowing it to withstand the forces of a flood or a hurricane. An architect can be seen as an artist, designing and sculpting the space in which others inhabit. He thrives on the natural progression towards a greater good, to bring society together and deliver what it requires rather than what is simply desires. The people who live in these spaces have a specific set of needs and the HAFS House pushes the boundaries of design to meet those needs.