2013  •   Health Sciences

Gross Anatomy Survey: How do Physical Therapy schools in the United States teach Gross Anatomy?

Lead Presenter: Elizabeth Reimer

The purpose of this survey was to determine how Gross Anatomy is taught in Physical Therapy schools around the country. æThe last survey looking at pedagogy of gross anatomy was in 1994, prior to the rapid growth in technology teaching tools. A 42-question survey was sent electronically to 204 CAPTE accredited Physical Therapy programs with two follow up emails over a three-week period. æ60 surveys were completed for a 29.4% return rate. The survey contained questions about demographics, teaching methods and resources, and the programÍs NPTE licensing board pass rates. Results were analyzed and compared to results in the 1994 study to assess changes in teaching style due to the known improvements in technology. Trends in teaching style by region and by board pass rates were also evaluated.