FeelGood: A Blood Donation System Based on Smart Contracts

Research Category: Engineering and Technology
Additional Authors: Eric He
PI: Parth Gargava
Faculty Advisor: Kal Bugrara

Human blood is invaluable. It can not be manufactured and it doesn't have a substitute. Unfortunately, in the last two decades, there have been more than 600 cases in the US of HIV AIDS and Syphilis being transferred to patients due to contaminated blood being donated at donation centers. Moreover, this problem is hugely prevalent in developing nations like South Africa and India where there is lesser accountability and traceability of blood. FeelGood is a web and mobile app which leverages the power of blockchain to provide complete transaction history of every blood bottle with a unique tracking system. Not only does the app make actors such as donation centers, testing centers and hospitals accountable by digitally signing a contract but it also empowers a patient to verify details of blood being transfused to him/her. 

We developed a system makes actors in the channel to digitally sign an Ethereum contract with the help of a smart phone using uPort (a self-sovereign identity platform). At each step, the entity with the blood bottle acknowledges the previous transaction, completes their task related to blood (like procurement, testing, and consumption) and signs a contract. This signature transaction is broadcasted on the blockchain ledger which is visible to the system. Moreover, in places where centers do not have access to laptops, one can sign the contract with just a smartphone.

We will showcase a live demo of the blood donation application which builds a verifiable chain of trust across the supply chain.